Regular evenings with music and entertainment are held here. Of course we can not forget the annual celebration of St. Patricks Day accompanied by music and the famous "Irish laughter (craic)" throughout the day.
Current events about current events in our hotel can be found on our website and on Facebook.

2.7.2018 - 29.7.2018

Special summer offer

Lightly stuffed duck breast, rucola salad with watermelon and gorgonzola cheese, honey vinaigrette, bread chips 210,- CZK


Ambassador Guinness

Ambassador Kamil Vránek will also arrive this year. If you order Guinness, he will shoot you and tell you a lot of interesting things about beer.

26.6.2017 - 26.7.2018

The beginning of summer with GUINNESS!!

Starts a special offer "you order three, you get four"! No buy it !! :-)
8.6.2018 - 24.6.2018
Special offer of chef Lukáš
As a snack for beer we have prepared for you 100g of our homemade cakes with salt for 45,- CZK.

Following is the main course where you can enjoy roasted veal steak in pan crumb with light potato salad with sour cucumber and honey, smoked bacon and dijon mustard for 210,- CZK.

6.4. - 8.4.2018

Jack action

All Jacky for 65,- CZK. Two Jacks get a scarf and three Jacks hip flask.

Next we have prepared for you Jack Jack and Jack Cola for 89,- CZK.

30.3. - 8.4.2018

Easter menu

Soup: Strong broth of young chicken with spring vegetables and spinach pancake with chicken beef 39,- CZK

Main course: Slow roast leg of lamb in root vegetables and rosemary, shallot-spinach strudel, bacon crosses 225,- CZK

23.3. - 25.3.2018

Weekend events with T-bone

250g Grilled pork T-bone steak on rosemary, roasted mushroom heads with corn, demi-glace, bread baguette with red beet 210, - CZK


Saint Patrick's Day

Every March 17th, people go out into the streets, dancing, drinking and having fun. St. Patrick's Day is coming, come and celebrate with us.

16.3. - 17.3.2018

Patrick's Burger

Filtered Irish flank steak baked in Guinness beer marinade, lightly savory onion jam, salad mizuna, BBQ sauce, batat chips 169,- CZK

Batat chips, dip by offer 55,- CZK


Stewed beef cheeks

Stewed beef cheeks on red wine with vegetable chips, potato-rye puree 189,- CZK

7.2.2018 - 19.2.2018

Another greeting from the chef from the kitchen

Turkey burger with Portobello champignons. Roasted turkey breast with pancake with tomato salsa and chopped lettuce leaves, grilled Portobello champignon, julliene French fries 189 CZK.
Valentine's menu
Do you know what Valentine's Day is great? Besides, it is an opportunity to realize again and to show how much we love our partner, and also because we have prepared an exceptional menu for you to definitely taste!

26.1.2018 - 1.2.2018

Our blueberry baked tea and almond rum at the price 65 CZK.

25.1.2018 - 4.2.2018

Confused beef neck

Confitted beef neck with garlic and herbs, potato purée with Viennese onion 169 CZK.

To eat we would like to recommend a bottle of red Argentinian wine Trivento TRIBU Malbec or a bottle of red Italian wine Chianti.

9.1.2018 - 21.1.2018

Touch of Norwegian in Irish

We have prepared a touch of Norwegian in Irish for you:

Salmon Tartar with capers and lime cream fresh, rosted toast 119 CZK

Grilled salmon on herbs, cream beetroot rissoto, fresh rucola leaves 255 CZK

15.12. - 21.12.2017

Screaming orgasm a Rio week

Come on great mixers like screaming orgasm and Rio ...

New menu

We have prepared a new menu for you to find both new and original favorites. The whole menu can be found in the menu of the restaurant - lunch menu.

24.11. - 10.12.2017

Steak of pork neck on grill

Special offer: 250 g Grilled pork steak with fried egg, roasted bread with sliced ​​tomatoes and onion compote 210,- CZK

11.11.2017 - 25.11.2017

Dress with Jameson Caskmates

When on St. Martin, so in stylish winter clothes. Give three glasses to Jameson Caskmates and we'll give you gloves. Give yourself four Jameson Caskmates glasses and we'll give you a stylish knitted hat. Come on for winter gear... :-)

3.11. - 16.11.2017

Saint Martin's offer

Goose caldoun 45,- CZK

Slowly roast gooseberry in herbs, red cabbage jam, potato dumplings and wine sauce 275,- CZK


Halloween party

The Irish have given the Halloween world where else to celebrate before Helloween than on Irish in Trutnov.

Blood brain 79,- CZK 
White russian 79,- CZK
Black widow 99,- CZK
Vampire beer 0,25l 59,- CZK; 0,4l 86,- CZK


20.10. - 31.10.2017

Burger a bit different

Striped Roasted Irish Beef Chuck Roll, Spicy Mayonnaise, Bulk, Chopped Lettuce, Julienne French Fries 185,- CZK


Music evening with MLŠ

A professional association of violently lighted amateur players on string trumpets and other instruments. Genre jazz/folk/rock.


Božkov weekend

Let's play with Božkov!! Buy Božkov, set the playing field and get a reward!!


This weekend belongs to the food of our grandmothers

Chicken Caldoun (this is an Old Bohemian recipe famous for the renowned cook Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová) 39, - CZK

Roasted rabbit thigh with onion-mustard sauce, mashed potatoes with chives 129, - CZK


Weekend full of Cider

Cider Kingswood is an alcoholic beverage from apples growing only in orchards. The basis of the beverage is the fermented apple cider of ripe apples. He is less intoxicating than wine, less bitter than beer, less sweet than lemonade, less sparkling than carbonated water, and thus relieves thirst, refreshes, and fits for every meal.
Come and get cider at a discounted price of 39,- CZK. The third order Cidera is waiting for you a present.



Retro weekend

Specialty bar:
Aviváž 49,- CZK
Čert 49,- CZK
Houba 75,- CZK
Semafor 49,- CZK
Hopsinková šťáva 45,- CZK

Kitchen specialties:

Lightly spicy drowning with onion and vegetables, pastry 59,- CZK
250g grilled beef roasted with fried egg and pepper sauce, toasted bread 289,- CZK

22.9. - 24.9.2017

Mexican weekend

Kitchen specialties:

Nachos with meat mixture and cheese 109, - CZK
Tortilla stuffed with slow roasted chicken, lettuce with cherry tomatoesand herb dip 159, - CZK

Specialty bar:

Tequila Sunrise 89, - CZK
Tequila Slammer 69, - CZK
Tequila Paloma 99, - CZK




From 15.9.2017

Creamy pumpkin soup with cream 45,- CZK

Creamy pumpkin risotto with noodles of Parma ham and rucola leaves 175,- CZK

15.9. - 16.9.2017

Tasting weekend

Weare interested in what you like:

2cl Conde de Cuba + 2cl Puntacana + 2cl Ron de Jeremy + 2cl Botran 179,- CZK

2cl Jameson + 2cl Jameson Gold + 2cl Jameson Select + 2cl Jameson Caskmates 179,- CZK

8.9. - 13.9.2017

Pork tenderloin sous-vide, ragout from green beans with green
pepper and thyme, roasted potatoes, grenaille, demi glace

Special offer:
Pork tenderloin sous-vide, ragout from green beans with green
pepper and thyme, roasted potatoes, grenaille, demi glace 199,- CZK

A special dessert:
Fresh plums on red wine with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon crumb 89,- CZK

8.9. - 10.9.2017

Cocktails weekend

Favorite cocktails for you:
Hight society 119,- CZK
Caipirinha 69,- CZK
Curacao se spritem 69,- CZK
Daiquiri 79,- CZK

25.8. - 26.8.2017
A greeting from the kitchen, or the chef's specialties.

Special weekend offer:
Beef cheeks on red wine and root vegetables with mashed potatoes 195,- CZK 
Confit duck leg, red cabbage jam and variety of dumplings 195,- CZK

Friday night with Gordons!

Order a gin or Gin with a tonic and a field on the field! You can win men's swimsuits to use this tropical weekend or another drink.

18.8. - 19.8.2017

Friday night with Jameson ginger. Order 2 Jameson ginger (Jameson + ginger tonic) and staff will bring you stylish glasses. The action is valid only until stocks run out.


Musical evening with a great singer and guitar player - Ross Souter Johnson.

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